Quality roses by van den Ende.


Welcome to the website of Family van den Ende Roses

The company ‘Fa. van den Ende Roses’ cultivates the Red Naomi! and Avalanche + rose varieties on 60,000 m² at two separate locations.

Hans van den Ende started his career as a market gardener in 1979, but switched to floriculture 10 years later.
During the past few years, the three sons (Sam, Tim and Bob) have joined the company, and this has resulted in the construction of a new, ultra-modern 45,000 m² company at Waellandweg 5A in Monster. A showpiece! Here is where the Red Naomi! red rose is cultivated.
At another location at Madeweg 53, Fa. van den Ende Roses specialises in cultivating the T-hybrid Avalanche+ rose.

Fa. van den Ende Roses focuses exclusively on the top segment of the market. Our products are easily distinguishable by their heavy and coarse buds.
All roses from Fa. van den Ende Roses are packed in easily-identifiable sleeves that we designed ourselves.